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  • What is an "Osteopractor"? What is "Osteopractic" physical therapy?
    An Osteopractor is a physical therapist, medical doctor, or doctor of osteopathic medicine that has completed an evidence-based post-graduate training program in the use of spinal and extremity thrust manipulation, dry needling, instrument-assisted manual therapies, and differential diagnostics for the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. In short, an Osteopractor is a specialist. A highly trained clinician who has attained a rigorous certification and is among a small number in the USA. There are currently less than 500 Osteopractors, with Dr. Supler being the only one in northeast Ohio Osteopractic PT is a sub-specialty of physical therapy. When you have a broken bone or a skin condition, you'd want to seek care from an orthopedist or a dermatologist. Apply that same concept to therapy. When you have a nagging neuromusculoskeletal issue, you want to find the best care. With an Osteopractic physical therapist, you've found it.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    The short answer is no, Supler Osteopractic Physical Therapy does not accept any insurance. The long answer is that SOPT is a cash-based clinic and we have zero affiliation with any insurance company, Medicare included. If you choose to work with us, we accept payment at the time of service. You can see our fully transparent pricing on the "pricing" tab. SOPT accepts cash or check, all major credit cards, HSA cards, and Venmo In some cases, people with certain insurances (non-Medicare) may be able to submit their receipt for services to their insurance company for possible reimbursement through "out of network benefits". SOPT does not guarantee reimbursement. If requested, we are able to print you a "superbill" to try and submit to your insurance if you so choose.
  • I have insurance, why would I want to pay for physical therapy?
    That, right there, is the $175 question... We could go on and on about why a cash-based model is better for our patients, but we will try to keep it brief in this FAQ We'd love to think that all therapy is created equal, but having worked in multiple different settings including a family-owned private practice and a corporate hospital, we know it's just not the truth. The world of healthcare is rapidly changing. Insurances are paying less and less and healthcare costs are going higher and higher. These days, you have 2 options for therapy. The first is to go to a smaller private practice, which tends to be significantly cheaper to you (and your insurance), but often leads to therapists having to work with 2, 3, or even 4 patients at once. People who want that 1-on-1 sort of care are left feeling unfulfilled at times in their visits as their therapists constantly bounces between patients. The second is to go to a hospital-based outpatient clinic. At these sorts of facilities, your therapist may only work with 1 or 2 patients at a time, but the cost is SIGNIFICANTLY higher. So much higher, in fact, that hospital systems are now REQUIRED to give you an "estimator" to tell you what an "average" visit will cost you. But even so, an "average" visit can run anywhere from $300-500 PER VISIT. If you are in deductible season (let's say a $5000 deductible plan), you could be on the hook for that cost every session. SOPT is trying to be the middle ground in all of this. We offer high quality 1-on-1 sessions for a price we think is fair to you for our expertise. Our goal is to get you better in the LEAST amount of visits necessary. We NEED you to get better quickly so that you spread the word for us We are more than happy to talk about the litany of other reasons you're better off spending your time and money with us, so please feel free to reach out and contact us!
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